It’s here!! It’s here!! Mama in the Making is finally here!

This video series is a project of growth, love, education, & community. It’s a little piece of my heart that I feel lucky to share with you.


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[0:19] – Who am I?
[1:01] – What is Mama in the Making?

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[0:03] Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making! I’m Rochelle Serna and today I just wanted to give a little bit of an introduction as to who I am, what Mama in the Making is, and why I’m so excited about this project.

So here we go!

Who is Behind Mama in the Making?

[0:19] My name is Rochelle Serna, my website is and my work, my love, is all about helping people to prepare their bodies for babies.

My degree is in child & family development, I also have a couple of nutrition certifications including nutritional therapist, and I really focus on detox practices, nutrition therapies, and spirituality & mindfulness to really get the whole picture on preparing your body, your home, & your world for that sweet baby that is waiting to meet you.

I’m also a mom of a toddler and currently trying to grow my family as well!

What is Mama in the Making All About?

[1:01] So Mama in the Making is a series of short and sweet videos made with a lot of love & a dose of reality. I record them when and where inspiration strikes, and being a stay-at-home mom means that my son will probably be making cameo appearances.

But what it really is just a record of my journey; journey through motherhood, journey through wellness, experiencing detox, & nutrition, & spirituality as I learn them. I also want to create a community where we can all give & grow together.

[1:30] I hope you have a wonderful day, thank you so much for watching, and I look forward to exploring with you. Bye!

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To growing together,

Love, Rochelle

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