Have you ever been so stuck on a decision that it keeps you up at night?

I have!

I can remember the exact feelings now. Pulled in both directions–my heart feeling one way, my brain another, & my gut getting lost somewhere in between. The rapid fire of logical thoughts & heart-based feelings gets so heated that they often come together into one big fuzzy grey area.

& don’t get me started on pro & con lists…we all know that one heavily weighted emotional “con” can bust an entire list of “pros”. UGH!

My failure to confidently make decisions became very obvious last year, while trying to decide whether or not to transplant our family. I was so tortured by the decision that I turned to google.

Search bar: “Magic 8 ball help with decision”

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself!

I was so desperate for the decision to be made that I just wanted it made for me! The little flicker of intuition that brought me to that search was exactly what I needed. I ended up coming upon this incredible decision-making resource that is focused turning IN to make decisions.

I was so inspired by the quotes & suggestions in that article that I have completely changed the way that I go about making even the smallest decisions.

Ya’ see, I’m pretty sure that we already know the answer to all of the decisions that present themselves to us, but we just choose not to listen to the guiding voices. That would be too easy!! ;]

After using & fine tuning the processes suggested in the article above, I’ve come up with a SUPER simple way to make decisions.

Ready for it?!




No, seriously.


Here’s how it works…


Dedicate each side of the coin to one of the options. For example “go back to school” & “don’t go back to school”. Then flip the coin & pay attention to how you feel about the outcome.

Are you reluctant to agree with the choice? Do you feel a pit in your stomach when you think about following up with the result?

Or maybe it’s the opposite. Does a smile come across your face? Do you suddenly feel lighter?

It’s that easy!

Don’t over complicate the process. It’s the simplicity of it that makes it work!


If the flip of the coin isn’t your thing, there’s one other method that I think works really well & gives a bit more of an understanding.


You can write it out.




Here’s how it works…


Get a fresh sheet of lined paper, your favorite pen, & sit in a spot without ANY distractions. Light a candle, diffuse some oil, or listen to quite thinking music to help get yourself into a state of peacefulness.

Once you’re open & ready to let things flow, write out the question in question ;] in full detail.


Then…write the answer.

Write about why that is the correct answer, how it will affect you, or whatever else you need to reveal to fully quench your indecisive thirst.

Try not to let logic convince you that it’s a silly task, in fact, cut logic out all together! Write from the heart & I think you’ll be surprised with the answers you end up with. <3

To learning to trust the things we already know,

Love, Rochelle

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