Everything you need to know to prepare your body for baby.

The Rose Method Fertility Cleanse is a multi-faceted service that focuses on preconception health. 
Together, with a community of like-minded mamas, you venture through a 16 week protocol that prepares your home, body, diet, & mind for the baby waiting to meet you.
The protocol focuses on:

Strengthen your genes

Your lifestyle helps to determine the expression of your genes. Detoxing before pregnancy gives you the opportunity to pass the healthiest set of genes down to baby!

Build Nutrient Stores

Many of the nutrients used during early pregnancy are those that are already in your body. They can help build the fetus & support your health in the first few months.

Increase your health

Ditching products & foods filled with toxins---& replacing them with quality---usually results in feeling pretty awesome. Reap the benefits of the detox & enter into motherhood healthier than ever before.

Boost Fertility

When a body is in balance & toxins are eliminated it becomes better fit to grow a sweet little bundle. A healthy mama means a more welcoming environment for baby.

This is a Life-Changing Program...

The Rose Method is an invaluable program that really incorporates mind, body & soul! I've learned so much from Rochelle and the research she provides on how to prepare our bodies for our future babies. I really enjoyed her constant support throughout the 16 weeks-- she truly has the greatest intentions & wants the best for all us "mamas in the makin"! This is a life-changing program that has opened my eyes to so many helpful articles, tips, and information on health & fertility. Thank you Rochelle!

Irene J.

Torrance, CA

Every Week a Letter is Delivered to your Inbox...

In each email I discuss the details of the current step of the protocol. You'll then log into your private back portal where you'll find newly released weekly content. Each week is filled with actions steps, support, informational guides, & relevant articles.

Weeks of Detox

guides & booklets

Relevant Articles

You also get:

A Printable Wellness Journal

Filled with food logs, creative writing spaces, informational tidbits, a gratitude journal, & fertility tracking charts--this handmade journal is the perfect place for you to explore & track yourself through the protocol!

A Community of Mamas

Get linked with others that have or are also working their way through the steps to healthier conception {& me! I'm a part of the community too!}. Together we can support one another, empowering motherhood!

The Client Back Portal

You get instant access to an online client portal with an ever-growing library of resources to enrich your experience. This is also where you'll log in for weekly content, forum access, & extra support!


I want to make this experience as fulfilling for you as possible. As a client of the program you get full e-mail support. If a question about the program arises at any point, shoot me an e-mail and I'll help guide your through!

I Absolutely Love The Rose Method Program!

I absolutely love The Rose Method program! Personally, knowing what I should be putting into my body (and avoiding!) and surrounding myself with felt like a daunting task - TRM provided me with all of that information and more! One of the biggest things for me is feeling like I have someone who is rooting for me to succeed and wants the best for me - and that's Rochelle! She answers my many questions and she is filled with such love and compassion that it's infectious!

Lindsay P.

Los Angeles, CA


Which supplements to take during preconception


How to identify unhealthy ingredients

Affordable daily detox practices


How to lower your toxic load, ASAP

Why you should avoid certain foods

How & why to care for individual organs

Easy tricks for keeping a healthier home


Which foods are most important to fertility

Ways to bring higher awareness to your day


Which non-toxic products to trust

Tips to stay on track without creating stress

How to make the shift to an attitude of gratitude

Plus! Fertility Library Entries, Including:

How to align your cycle with the lunar calendar


Fertility Affirmations


Tips for transitioning off of birth control

The growth patterns of sperm & ovum


How to use seeds to balance hormones

Which crystals carry the energy to enhance fertility


The basics of charting your cycles


The Fertility Library is Always Growing!

The Rose Method Makes it Easy

It’s not always easy to make the best choices when you are bombarded with contradictory information on the internet. The Rose Method makes it easy because all the research has been done for you! Rochelle’s qualifications and extensive research allows you to confidentially educate yourself on how to cleanse and live a healthy lifestyle before you even “try”, and you get to develop healthy habits for the rest of your lives…

Rachel T.

Austin, TX

There are four phases of the protocol. Each week presents a new step in your whole-life baby-makin' detox!

R: Remove Toxins

O: Obtain Nutrients

S: Support Detox

E: Encourage Mindfulness

Here's a glimpse into each of the steps:
1: Remove Toxins: From the Home - Quick Fixes
You get to make immediate changes to help clean up the toxicity of your home!
2: Remove Toxins: From the Home - Deeper Dirties
This week is all about the larger looming toxins that you may find in paints, furniture, & bedding, for example.
3: Remove Toxins: From the Body - Head to Toe
You get to strip down the bad & implement the good. The best part is that you'll already have all the non-toxic products you need {yay toolkit!}
4: Remove Toxins: From the Diet - Seeya, Nasty Water!
Clean water is a huge factor in our reproductive & overall health. Learn what to look for, & what to avoid.
5: Remove Toxins: From the Diet - Adios Artificial Ingredients & Additives
We get down to the nitty gritty to discuss non-food ingredients that don't belong anywhere near your food--& remove them!
6: Remove Toxins: From the Diet - Ciao Flimsy Fats & Oils
Want to know which fats & oils are safe? Why? How & where to use them? This week has you covered!
7: Remove Toxins: From the Diet - Sayonara, Sugar
Say goodbye to the tricky food that has been known to wreak havoc on happiness...& learn what to use instead!
8: Remove Toxins: From the Diet - Arrivederci Low & Antinutrient Foods
This week we weed out the foods that aren't necessarily toxic OR beneficial in order to pack in the baby-building goodness.
9: Obtain Nutrients: Avoiding Real Food Pitfalls
Now that you're locked & loaded with a super clean diet, I offer up my favorite tips for staying on track.
10: Obtain Nutrients: Four Pillars of a Healthy Diet
Taking out the toxins is only the half of it. Now it's time to amplify your health by adding in nutrient dense foods.
11: Obtain Nutrients: Baby-Makin' Superfoods
While fertility health often mirrors overall health, there are certain foods that can be extra beneficial during this special time.
12: Support Detox: Internal Detox Systems
Your home, body, & diet are clean; nutrients are packed; let's get down & dirty with your detox!
13: Support Detox: Detox Herbs & Edibles
We discuss selective foods & herbs that can aid the body in elimination of the "nasties" making themselves at home!
14: Support Detox: External Toxin Extraction
The final phase of detox support is active detoxification, using more than just our bodies.
15: Encourage Mindfulness: 21 Days of Gratitude
Transitioning to pregnancy & parenthood is a transformation of the entire body. This week focuses on brightening the mind.
16: Encourage Mindfulness: Sharpening Awareness
The final step of our detox is to put practices into place that help to clear yourself of stress, worry, & expectations. You get tools to increase peacefulness.
  • 16 week guided cleanse
  • 30 informational booklets
  • 80 article recommendations
  • Full e-mail support

  • Community forum
  • Growing fertility library
  • Client resource portal
  • Your first mama tribe

Priceless Fertility & Health Information that you get to Keep, Forever.

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