I was 37 weeks pregnant and dreading the idea of thinking up, shopping for, and cooking meals for my family during the sleepy postpartum blur. In a desperate attempt to find a solution I stumbled upon Sunbasket.

My baby girl is now 15 months old and we’ve been loyal Sunbasket customers every week since then. Needless to say, we like it. ;]

Being seasoned Sunbasket customers I thought it would be a good time to write our opinion on the service; what we love, what we wish they’d improve upon, and our overall experience.

side note: I have not been asked to write this review by Sunbasket.


What we love about Sunbasket


Having consistently used the service for well over a year, it’s fair to say that we are happy customers. Here are a few of our favorite things!


It has Simplified my Life, Ten-Fold

This is by far my favorite thing about Sunbasket. The amount of time I save by not having to plan and shop for meals for my family has translated into hours upon hours of play time, creative thinking, and getting work done. Not only do I have more time thanks to Sunbasket, but it takes a huge mental load off my plate. No pun intended ha.

AND because I’m not responsible for knowing what we’re cooking or ensuring we have everything we need to make each meal, my husband has taken over almost all of the cooking in our home, adding hours of time to my work. Of course, this is just how my family has incorporated Sunbasket, but it’s worth mentioning as a benefit!


They Focus on Organic and Wild

We are pretty particular about what we eat and organic is a priority around here. For us, this is a huge part of what sets Sunbasket apart from the rest. Nearly every piece of produce included in our boxes is organic. There have only been a few instances over the year+ where something was not organic due to unavailability.

When it comes to proteins, they have an organic option for all poultry and meats (for a small additional charge), and each fish meal comes standard with wild caught fish.


We Get to try New Foods all the Time

Anyone else get stuck in the 5 meal rut? You know what I’m talking about! When the same 5 meals are on rotation, only being replaced once multiple members of the family have decided to boycott dinner when it hits the table. That was my life for yeeeeaaarrrss. Thinking up new meals every week took way too much brain space.

With Sunbasket, every week is an opportunity to try new things. In the entire time we’ve been ordering boxes, we’ve only repeated meals a handful of times and it was by choice.


They Offer Meals to Fit Every Type of Eater

Gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or simply clean and quick, they’ve got a menu for every diet preference. They also clearly mark other attributes you may want to know, like whether or not it contains soy or dairy.

We eat somewhere between paleo and gluten-free for the most part, but instead of being automatically sent meals in one category, we hand pick our meals each week. If it looks absolutely delicious but doesn’t fit in with our lifestyle, we just make small changes when we are cooking (like removing the bun or switching out the orzo for white rice).

Plus, they even have an option geared towards families, with more kid-friendly meal choices. (note: we’ve tried the family version and preferred the recipes in the standard plan)


It’s Delivered to our Door

This may be obvious but it’s a game changer!

We live in an apartment…on the third story. With two kids in tow, let’s just say that hauling groceries up three flights of stairs is not my favorite pastime. Having the bulk of our dinner groceries planned, packed, carried up the stairs and delivered to our door is preeeeety amazing!


What We Would Change

In order to write a well-rounded a review, I think it’s important to share the few things we don’t love. Clearly, they haven’t been deal breakers haha.


Occasionally, it’s not Enough Food

My husband and I are what I would consider small eaters. Nevertheless, there are times when our meal feels like an appetizer. While we don’t always need double of everything (the only current solution), a little extra, or maybe the option to occasionally double the protein would be great!


They Don’t offer Grass-fed or Pasture-raised Meats


In a perfect world, we’d love to have all of the protein sources be humanely and healthily raised in grass-fed and pasture environments.


Sunbasket Kits us a good Amount of Plastic

I’m not sure what the solution to this is, and I’m grateful that the plastic can be recycled, but I still cringe a little as I unpack each ingredient. On the other hand, my food waste has dramatically dropped since we only get the food we need and nothing more.

When calculating packaging, shipping, plastics, food waste, etc. I’m not sure if, or by how much, using Sunbasket increases (or maybe even decreases?) my footprint. Maybe an experiment for another time!


Sunbasket Customer Service

Sunbasket Review


I’ve only had to contact customer service twice, and both times were a breeze. They answered quickly, addressed the issues, and dealt with it without a hitch.



So far, we give it 5 stars with no end in sight!

To dinner made simple,

Love, Rochelle

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