When I found out we were pregnant with baby number two the first thing on my “baby stuff” list was a co-sleeper. I thought it would be the perfect safe space for naps and resting around the house while I was chasing after an active toddler.

After doing some research I had my heart set on the Snuggle Me Organic. Not only are they made with the cleanest ingredients–including a wool-stuffed option–but the company has love and passion bursting from the seams.

During my pregnancy, I reached out to Snuggle Me Organic to share my love for what they were doing and ask if we could team up to promote their products. They generously offered to send me a Snuggle Me for review! Eeeeek I was so, so excited!

The sweet little co-sleeper has been perfect for us!


Features We love


The Quality: All materials are sourced from the USA. Each extra removable cover is made of 100% organic cotton or Merino wool, and the stuffing options are all hypo-allergenic, flame-retardant-free, and non-toxic!

The Selection: Snuggle Me Organic has an option for everyone! They offer a wool, pure, organic, and original co-sleeper.

  • Wool – Organic Merino wool stuffing with an organic Merino wool coverPure – Organic raw cotton stuffing with organic cotton cover
  • Pure – Organic raw cotton stuffing with organic cotton coverOrganic – Polyester fill (free from phthalates, flame retardants, BPA’s, lead,
  • Organic – Polyester fill (free from phthalates, flame retardants, BPA’s, lead, latex, and ethylene glycol) with organic cotton cover
  • Original – Polyester fill (phthalates, flame retardants, BPA’s, lead, latex, and ethylene glycol) with cotton cover

The Process: Snuggle Me Organic products are all hand made in the United States!

The Safety: Snuggle Me Organic co-sleepers have a special center sling with no padding. Because of this, it holds the baby like a hammock, bringing the soft and breathable sides up a bit, to snuggle the baby with a light pressure. The lack of space created by this “snuggle” keeps baby safely on his or her back without the ability to turn to the side or onto their bellies.

The Mobility: Each co-sleeper is super lightweight and small enough to fit in lots of places–like the couch, my son’s twin bed, or even on the floor. We just move it to the room we are in!


How We Use our Snuggle Me Organic


When baby girl first came home we attempted in-bed co-sleeping. She didn’t seem to like it with or without the co-sleeper! We soon discovered that “miss independent” wanted to be close, but have her own space. My mama heart broke a little knowing that she didn’t want ALL THE SNUGGLES, but I also love that she’s a girl who knows what she wants ;]

We had purchased a beautiful handmade bassinet from Design Dua, which happened to fit the Snuggle Me perfectly. We use that within arms reach at night and it’s been great. I feel safe knowing she’s all snuggled up and still close enough for me to hear her tiny baby breathes. AND she sleeps an average of 5-7 hours a night (she’s 11 weeks)…so she’s got my 3-year-old beat by about 2 hours a night!

During the day, we bring the snuggle me out onto the couch for cozy close-by naps and resting while mama is dealing with toddler spills and potty breaks!

**Update, the Snuggle Me Organic team has decided to no longer recommend that it is used as co-sleeper, but only for use for lounging and supervised naps, just to be safe!

We just LOVE this little sleeper, and it’s clear to see!

to snuggles,

Love, Rochelle


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