My Review Policy & Procedure

One of the best parts about my “job” is that I get to work with amazing people on a mission to help bring clean products to the masses. I get to become friends with the brains behind these health-changing products and, if I’m lucky, I get to enjoy and spread the word about what these change-makers are doing!

One way that I get to share these products with you is by trying them out for review. In the name of complete transparency, I’ve written up a few of my review policies and procedures.

Readers should know:

  • If there is a review on my website, it’s because I was asked by the company to write a review (unless otherwise stated).
  • Upon asking for a review, companies usually send me a sample of the product(s) to try.
  • I am up front with each company about my honesty. They are all told ahead of time that I will be writing an honest review. Nearly every company I work with vocally appreciates and encourages this.
  • Though I am usually provided a sample, I am not in any way shape or form paid or encouraged to write a positive review.
  • Wondering why most every review is positive? If the company/product doesn’t align with my mission, I politely decline a sample in the first place. Companies are vetted before they ever get to the actual review process. Because of this, reviews are more about how well something works or my own personal experience with it, rather than whether or not an item is clean. I am very passionate about many of the companies I am lucky enough to work with; this tends to shine through in reviews ;]

Companies should know:

  • I am grateful to you for considering me as a partner in spreading the word about the good you are doing!
  • As stated above, if I look into your product and don’t feel it aligns with my mission, I will politely decline a sample for review. This is solely because I practice what I preach! I choose to use only the cleanest products in my home and around my family.
  • I mention that I was given samples, and what I was given, in each product/company review post.
  • My reviews are and always will be honest! I adore working with companies that value purity and honesty themselves.
  • As a busy mama I never really know when I’ll get around to writing a review, but if I say I will, I absolutely will.

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