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[0:11] – What is the placebo effect?
[0:36] – What the placebo effect tells us
[1:39] – How to put the power of your mind to good use
[2:30] – Using it in both positive, and difficult situations
[3:00] – The trap of pre determined beliefs
[3:36] – Choose your situational outcome


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Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making I’m Rochelle Serna and today I want to talk about the power of our minds.

[0:11] So this week, I have no idea why, but all the sudden I started thinking about the placebo effect.

You know when—you’ve probably heard of it before—when a studies’ done and they have a group on the medication and they have another group on a placebo, and oftentimes there is a small group of people that have the positive effects of the medicine on the placebo.

[0:36] This is such an amazing phenomenon, you know we write it off as something that didn’t work and. “it’s just, you know… you know it was the placebo effect”

But how amazing is it that our minds have the power to create change?! To create, in that case-in the case of a medical study, to create physical healing change without any reason other than just the mind itself.

[1:03] So I kind of just wanted to briefly talk about putting that power of our mind to use.

You know, this is science proving time and time again that our mind is that powerful. That when we put things inside of our heads, that when you believe in something—whether that it’s going to do positive things or harm—that the chance of it actually doing those positive things or harmful things is that much higher.

So high that it could possibly entirely control the effect of something—of a medication, of a food, of a health practice…

[1:39] So what I want to start doing, and what I really want to encourage you know this community to start doing, is to put those things in their mind. Put those beliefs in their mind in a way that they want their life to be.

So, you know, if you’re doing some new health practices and you maybe don’t fully understand if they’re going to help you or not, but you want them to…believe that they will!

You know, do your research, educate yourself. I know if you’re anything like me I like to know why I’m doing what I’m doing. So, you know, I definitely think there’s some fun in that and some, you know, importance in that, but then if you have some holes to fill or you’re just not sure, or even if you are—fully believe that, grab on to that, and move forward with that strong belief in your mind because your mind can help you get to where you want to be.

[2:30] And then on the other hand if you have something in your life that, you know, maybe isn’t good for you, or you’ve heard isn’t good for you and you’ve read a lot about it and just…it’s not that great for you, I would say obviously you want to avoid that thing, but don’t put that in your mind constantly.

“Oh man, every time I do this I’m going to get so sick it’s going to do this, that, such-and-such to my body, and it’s going to cause all these health problems and…”

You’re filling that in your head and you’re causing that to happen.

[3:00] One thing that I always want people to remember is that we are all extremely unique. Something that happens for one person might not happen for another. You know there are some great foods that are really nourishing to some and they can cause some uncomfortable, discomfort in other bodies because they have maybe an intolerance to them.

So there’s not really a “one-size-fits-all” for most anything. And so when we put those beliefs in our heads about something, we could be changing the outcome of whatever it is that we would be trying, even if it would have had a different outcome on us, if that makes any sense.

[3:36] But basically, what I’m trying to say is—I kind of touched on this a little bit in one of my posts on Instagram, but if you’re eating something, for example, and maybe you got it from a restaurant and you don’t know exactly what’s in it you’re fearful, take that away.

Love what you’re eating, enjoy it, believe that it’s going to nourish you, give it the benefit of the doubt, and just fill your body with love with every bite because you’re going to put your mind in a really good healthy mental space and it’s going to help control what that food—what that health practice—what the, you know, the situation, whatever it is, what it’s going to do to your body and how it’s going to affect your life.

[4:14] So use that placebo effect, use that power of your mind to your advantage and help it help you be in the state of health or in the place in your life where you want it to be by believing believing in where you want it to be. So manifesting right?

[4:33] Alright so that is my small tangent for the day and I will be talking to you soon. Bye!

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To embracing the placebo effect,

Love, Rochelle





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