About a month ago I got an email from a company called LANA CARE.

They wanted to know if they could send me some products to try. They had looked into my site and thought their products were right up my alley and could be a good resource for you.

As always I was originally skeptical. I’m super picky about which companies I affiliate myself with. I only want to use and share products that my heart is ALL IN on.

Honestly, LANA CARE blew me away. After doing some digging I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before! Organic wool, non-toxic baby wear and clean bedding…talk about up my alley!!

Why Wool?


Wool is a fantastic material to use for clothing, bedding, and baby wear because it’s super soft, very absorbent, naturally flame-retardant (no chemicals necessary), safe and sustainable–sheep grow wool coats each year which must be shaved for the health and comfort of the animal.



One of the most important things to look for when purchasing wool products is how the sheep are raised. On a humane level, are they cared for lovingly? On a health level, are their coats blasted with pesticides? Is the grass they graze on treated with chemicals? Are they even out to graze?

LANA CARE sheep are loving cared for on pasture which is grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. The sheep themselves are not sprayed with chemicals or inhumanely “vaccinated” against insects. Moreover, the shaved wool is never treated with harsh chemicals.

The Products


They have products for different stages in life; everything from premature baby blankets to nursing pads, to adult bedding. After discussing my current lifestyle and needs with the (oh so sweet) LANA team, they sent out a package full of goodies for us to try.

We received:

We couldn’t believe their generosity as we busted open the happily awaited package upon its arrival.


The Booties


bootiesVincenzo immediately begged to try on the booties. If it weren’t summer he’d be wearing them daily. They are SO soft, thick, and well made. They’re just flexible enough to hold the perfect fit when he pulls them on.

AND THE LITTLE BOW (heart eyes). They remind me of something magical out of an old classic children’s book.

One of my favorite things about wool is its durability. Vincenzo isn’t exactly gentle, but I know these booties can stand up to water spills and around-the-house toddler adventures while keeping him cozy in the winter.

They also have a product, bedsocks, which are essentially adult booties without the bow. A great option for cold feet in cooler climate areas.


The Socks



Here in southern California–especially in the summer–I don’t quite need full on booties, but the wool socks might be my new favorite thing.

I’m wearing them right now. ;]

They are single layered wool, as opposed to the double layered booties, with the lightest, warmest, perfectly snug fit!



The Soaker


SoakerI think the product I was most excited for though, was the soaker.

Back in college I tried teaching myself how to knit via YouTube solely for the purpose of knitting my future baby a wool diaper cover. Needless to say I was not successful, and somehow still hadn’t owned a wool diaper cover until LANA CARE sent one our way.

It’s a bit hot for Vincenzo to be sleeping in the wool cover, but being nearly fully potty trained during they day I knew I wanted to try the soaker at night. Almost every morning he’s dry until about 10 minutes post wake-up when the entire contents of his little bladder end up running out of his diaper and down his leg.

You’d think I’d learn to change his diaper ASAP by now…it takes me a second to wake up I guess…

Anyhow, the few mornings that’s he’s woken up with the soaker he stays completely dry!! The wool absorbs his little stream without getting wet itself, and no trace of a urine scent.

I also love the adjustable buttons, making it easy to give the little guy the exact perfect fit.


The Duvet


Lucky boy. That duvet cover is heavenly. It’s light but warm and almost has a bouncy cloud feel. The summer duvet will be perfect year-round since it never gets that cold where we live.

Unfortunately for Vincenzos lonely little mattress and duvet cover, he still sleeps between Oscar and me in “mommy and daddy’s bed”. The duvet hasn’t had much “proper” use, but has been a great blanket on nights when we want to get cozy, & I’m excited to put it on his bed once he transfers over to his own!



The Shampoo


shampooWhen we were first contacted by LANA CARE I was curious about their soap products. There were no ingredients listed on the site and I wasn’t quite sure of the soap was intended for human or wool care use.

Had I understood better before, I likely would have politely declined the bottle of shampoo since we’re pretty darn picky with ingredients and there are a few in the LANA CARE lanolin shampoo that I would prefer not to use for body care. The ingredients are not awful by any means, and may be great for some families–we just prefer more plant-based alternatives. Leaves and coconuts only please! Ha, just kidding, kind of. ;]

That being said, I love that they offer a lanolin soap for easy wool care, since I’d be pretty lost on what to use for washing the wool products otherwise.

All in All


I love them.

The clothing and bedding products are extremely clean, organic, and made with love. There’s just something so luxurious about everything we’ve tried. Soft, cozy, warm, and effective; does it get better than that?


to gettin’ sheepy,

Love, Rochelle

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