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[0:13] – An intro to my favorite non-tox body care
[0:37] – My favorite soap
[1:11] – Sharing my shampoos
[1:58] – A lotion we love
[2:20] – My favorite toner and moisturizer in one
[3:03] – Deodorant…but do you need it?
[3:45] – Husband approved toothpaste
[4:26] – My make-up must-haves

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Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making, I’m Rochelle Serna and today I want to share some of my favorite non-toxic of body care products.

[0:13] So I am someone who finds a good thing and doesn’t look for anything else. So the things that I’m going to be sharing with you today are my favorite things that I’ve used, they’re not necessarily, you know—I haven’t tried every single thing out there, these are just some of my favorites that I’ve come to love and trust and want to share with you because I get a ton of questions about, you know, non-toxic stuff. So here we go!

[0:37] Let’s start with soap. So the soap that we use is Dr. Bronner’s, and we use the baby mild because it’s unscented. Dr. Bronner’s is a brand that we love. We also use them for hand soaps and we use the liquid soap for some things, but we mostly use the bars. I don’t know why we’re just a bar soap kind of family!

And these can be found at most natural grocers as well as Target, and Trader Joes has them as well.

So baby mild Dr. Bronner’s favorite soap.

[1:11] Sticking with the shower, we also have some shampoo recommendations.

So Vincenzo and I’s favorite is this Earth Mama Angel Baby. It is technically their baby body wash but I think it does a great job for my hair, especially since it’s short.

If you have thicker hair or longer hair and you need something a little more sudsy, a little bit of a detangler more-so, then this is the shampoo that we like to use. This is my husband’s favorite. He has very thick hair and it is Acure Organics and it’s their moroccan argan stem cell and argan oil, and it’s a really good one for, like I said, that traditional shampoo feel so I like that.

[1:58] In the world of Acure Organics, one of our other favorites is this Acure organics non-scented fragrance-free ultra hydrating body lotion. And it’s a great one because it doesn’t have that scent, it’s got really clean ingredients and Vincenzo so sensitive which is why we use the baby mild soap and the fragrance free stuff.

[2:20] I usually wash my face in the shower, so once I get out I like to use a moisturizer/toner type thing on my skin, on my face. And my favorite for that would be the Primally Pure complexion mist.

I love this stuff! It is rose and witch haze,l and it’s all my favorite things for my skin—and it’s great for, like I said, just kind of toning and moisturizing after I wash.

And and the other product that I’ve used for years before the Primary Pure product came out was the Thayers witch hazel, and this one’s pretty easy to find in stores as well.

They’re both great just for that moisturizing and real simple, simple ingredients.

[3:03] Then, let’s talk about deodorant because lots of people have questions about that.

My absolute favorite deodorant is Primally Pure. I just ran out of the bottle so I don’t have that with me—or the little, you know, container of deodorant from them, but I also really like this PiperWei deodorant, and FATCO has a good one also. They call it stank stop, and those are some good deodorants to try.

I don’t use deodorant every day because I don’t tend to smell and I noticed that the cleaner I eat the less I smell. So if you’ve been eating clean for a while but haven’t ever tried going without deodorant, give it a try and see see what happens! You might notice that you don’t have the smell anymore. So that could be a fun little bonus of clean eating!

[3:45] Moving on to toothpaste, I like to use…I have two favorites! I like the Earthpaste—Redman, Redmond Earthpaste, and I also really like Dr. Bronner’s. This is their peppermint version.

I will say, I used Earthpaste for a long time and I do love it, but I’ve totally switched over to Dr. Bronner side because it has that old school toothpaste feel, it’s very fresh and minty, and it lasts until the next day.

And my husband is completely sold on it cause he, you know, toothpaste was a hard one for him to move away from—the traditional style. So Dr. Bronner’s has become our staple right now.

[4:26] And the last thing that I want to talk about is makeup because makeups a really tricky one!

And when it comes to ingredient list there, there are some really great companies moving in the natural direction and they use a mix of plant-based and chemical, you know, synthetic ingredients. And while these ingredients are considered safe, it’s important to remember that some of these things that are considered safe haven’t been around long enough to even really know if they’re safe. So while I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and think they might be safe and even helpful to our skin, I prefer to stay with plant-based things and things that have been tried and true for a very long time.

And so that’s why the skin care—the makeup line that I go with right now is 100% Pure. So here are some makeup examples from 100% Pure. Their concealer and their tinted moisturizer, and if you read the back label a lot of that stuff is just plants. And it’s, you know, I know what it is and where it came from. I have a good understanding.

It is important to remember that some of the plant-based things aren’t great for us either, because just because it’s natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meant to be on or in our bodies. But that’s why knowing ingredients is so important and, you know, testing things out seeing how they work for your skin, looking into different ingredients and such.

[5:49] But anyhow, this could go on forever so I’m just going to wrap it up here! But I hope that I have given you some good new things to try, maybe some new products that can be your favorites, and I’d love to hear what your favorites are and maybe give them a try as well. So you can leave that information in the comments and I will be talking to you soon! Bye!

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To cleaning up your clean up routine,

Love, Rochelle





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