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[0:13] – My experience with shifting to joy
[0:51] – An example of the difference a mindset of joy can make
[2:17] – Tips for ditching fear and choosing joy

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[0:00] Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making! I’m Rochelle Serna and today I wanted to talk a little bit about making a shift from a mindset of fear to a mindset of joy.

[0:13] So this is a really big theme in my life lately. I’ve been learning a lot about meditation, and spirituality, and connecting with my soul, and it led me to many books about self-growth in those areas and one thing that I’ve learned, unequivocally, is that having a positive mindset can really change the way that we view life.

And we know this, we’ve heard this, but it’s been very clear to me lately and it’s brought so much happiness and positivity into my home and my life, and I’m just really excited about this so I definitely want to share it. And I’m sure I will continue to share as I grow and learn more about it.

[0:51] But what I mean it that, you know, as we prepared for this next baby and we’re going through our cleansing now, we realize how different it is from when we prepared for Vincenzo. And although we’re doing the same physical things, we’re still focusing on nutrition and detox, that mindset has made all the difference in how this time feels compared to the last time.

So for example, last time, you know, we wanted to eat the right things because we are afraid of what would happen if we didn’t. Would my body not be ready? Would I somehow harm my fertility if I didn’t eat the right things, or had toxins looming around my home? And if I got pregnant would the toxic mattress that I was laying on harm, you know, the fetus?

And, needless to say, we got a new non-toxic matches at the time {laughs} but everything about that preconception cleansing, which I didn’t even realize at the time, was very fear based, and there was a lot of, “I have to do this because of this” type of thoughts.

This time, like I said, although we’re following the same practices it’s totally different. We have a joy that we’re cleansing our bodies. We’re excited, you know, we feel blessed to be able to have the opportunity to nurture our bodies this way.

And so when we’re doing those things, they’re done with a light an intention of positivity rather than of fear.

A quick tip for shifting to joy

[2:17] So my tip for you to start implementing this little shift to play is to, you know, next time you have a fear-based thought around something with diet or nutrition, try just turning into a joy based thought.

So for example, if you don’t eat gluten because it gives you brain fog, digestive upset, makes you feel awful, instead of thinking, “I don’t eat gluten for those reasons” think, “I love eating foods that nourish my body. I love choosing foods that help me function in a way that makes me feel great!”

So hopefully that can just change the way you think about it and bring some lightness to your day!

[2:54] Alright have a wonderful one and I can’t wait to talk soon! Byyyeeee {waving}


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To living in joy,

Love, Rochelle

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