It’s that time again!

If you’ve been following along on my newsletter you know that Oscar & I have decided to begin preparing our bodies for a second pregnancy.

After my first, I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again. That pregnancy was incredibly physically & emotionally draining. The worst part, though, is that I had felt at a loss of how to improve it the next time. I had prepared for so long & didn’t understand “where I had gone wrong”.

Ya’ see, preparing for Vincenzo felt a lot like a job.I had spent years learning about & practicing preconception health & I thought I owed it to my future child to be as close to perfectly nutritionally prepared as possible.

Oh. my. goodness. the pressure. I had applied so much pressure on myself & Oscar to do everything “RIGHT”{?} & it left me at a loss when I couldn’t keep up with my own expectations.

I’ve learned a few things since then:

1. I ignored a HUGE element of preconception care. Yes, I was nutritionally sound & lived a very low-toxic lifestyle, BUT I completely ignored self-love & mindfulness. I was working a 60-80 hour/week retail management position & felt on the brink of a breakdown for many months before getting pregnant.

2. My pregnancy was a lesson in relinquishing control. Pregnancy is a miracle. I wish I had focused more on gratitude for the gift than anguish over trying to control how it was going. Easier said that done, I know!

3. I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. Have you ever felt that the more you learn about something the less you actually know about it? The more I discover about my body, fertility, detox, the miracle of life, nutrition, consciousness, ect. the more I realize how much more there is to learn in these areas. I am continuously being humbled.

Honest thought on that last point: It’s a bit of a strange place to be. In a field where being an “expert” is highly looked upon, I find myself being drawn away from ever thinking I have all the answers. I don’t think I actually want to be an “expert” {big eyes emoji, monkey with hands over mouth emoji}. Sure, I specialize in learning about fertility cleansing, but I’d rather just promise you that I’ll never stop learning & that I’ll always share what I do learn–even if that means changing my mind–than call myself an expert. Good business plan? Who knows. Good for my heart & soul? Definitely.

Ok sooooo how has all of this new insight helped to change the way I’m preparing this time? I’ll get to that that in a little bit!!

First, a window into our continuous {not just directly before trying} for-the-future-babies lifestyle…

What we do on the regular:

  • Eat real food
  • Live a low/non toxic lifestyle {clean body care, filtered water, daily detox activities–like oil pulling & clay masks–, charcoal & salt lamps to help minimize toxins in home, etc.}
  • Continuously work on positive communication by attending weekly family therapy & practicing kindness at home
  • Partake in activities that make us happy, like working out, playing with friends, taking mini vacations, & going on new mini-adventures

For the most part, we have lived through & {sometimes loosely} continued the steps of The Rose Method for many years. We’re not “perfect” by any means, whatever the heck that would mean, we just choose to live in a way that joyfully supports feeling good!

What’s different now that we’re preparing for baby?

While mindfully preparing we are:

  • Cutting out anything that clogs our bodies, making them work harder. This includes alcohol, caffeine, & sugar {honestly, I’m not doing as good with sugar as I did last time! Oops}
  • Eating out less; putting more of a priority on cooking our own food
  • Making sure we don’t skip our nutrient boosts! Regularly taking cod liver oil, desiccated liver, real food prenatals, probiotics, magnesium, ocean greens, & vitamin C. We also went to a nutritionist who checked our bodies for individual nutrient needs, & we are filling in a few holes there as well.
  • Making time for daily meditation {NEW! didn’t do this last time}
  • Purchasing from local farms rather than grocery stores, which also helps us eat seasonally {NEW!}
  • Using visualization to let the universe know we’re getting ready to bring a baby into the world {NEW!}
  • Keeping “fertility” & “health” crystals around the home {NEW!}

The biggest difference between this time & last, however, is that we are preparing with JOY rather than out of fear.

Here’s what I mean…Instead of preparing our bodies out of fear that something will go wrong if we don’t, we are preparing joyfully, with excitement that we will soon create & carry a miracle. We also get joy out of knowing that what we are doing now may help to support a strong structure for our sweet baby.

This new viewpoint has eliminated almost all the stress, guilt, & pressure that plagued the preparing-for-Vincenzo era. I’m not sure how it will influence the trying-to-conceive phase or pregnancy itself, but I’m hoping to go in with an attitude of surrender, letting what happens happen, & being grateful for the experience.

I will say that both Oscar & I feel abundantly healthier than we did the first time around. It’s interesting, but not surprising that a little love can make such a big difference.

I can’t wait to fill you in on the rest of the process!


Was your baby number two prep any different from baby number one? I’d love to hear your happiest suggestions!

To preparing for pregnancy,

Love, Rochelle






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