All Essentia, Savvy Rest, and Wool Bed Co. models are "Non-Tox" compliant. Be sure to avoid innerspring mattresses as the metal springs act as antennas, attracting invisible electromagnetic & "dirty" energy. It is also important to avoid unidentified "foams", polyurethane foams, and soy-based foams.
While 100% organic cotton comforters are preferred, 100% cotton is the next best option, and quilts are great. If you're looking for a thicker comforter, finding one with a cotton shell and cotton or polyester fill works well. The fabric closest to your skin is most important, so organic sheets are highly recommended.
These companies make very high quality, non-toxic furniture. That being said, some offer a variety of levels of purity. I suggest staying away from polyurethane foams, soy foams, and most lacquers. Check throw pillow tags for flame retardants & materials used.
When searching for "clean" rugs, 100% natural materials are the way to go! Here are some of my favorites in jute, cotton, and wool!

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