We’re 38 weeks pregnant!!

As I round out these last few weeks I’m filled to the BRIM with excitement.

I know that everyone’s experience here is so different, but preparing for baby number two feels so different from baby one. Maybe it’s because my first pregnancy didn’t go AT ALL as I expected? I feel like I flew by the seat of my pants on that one. Time was both stopped and speeding as I crept closer to the passageway to motherhood, and the whole thing feels like spiraling time warp.

While this pregnancy was again plagued with hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness) the rest of the pieces of my life all worked together to make this transition much more peaceful.

The biggest gift the peace has brought is an ability to focus on the details and excitement of welcoming a baby into the world. Everything is washed, folded and stored, lists are written, wishes noted, birth kit purchased, home is nested…and I’ve got the Rocky theme song on pause, ready to play as I champion this labor! ;]

One thing that I get to do this time (that I didn’t have the mental wellness to even think about last time) is to prepare for nurturing my postpartum healing.

I’ve got Earth Mama Angel Baby (my favorite!) ointments, creams, sprays, & sitz bath herbs set aside for myself. And of course HERBAL PADSICLES are now happily awaiting use in my freezer!


What is a padsicle?


Simply put, it’s a frozen maternity pad!

While they can be made with just the pad and filtered water, Earth Mama Angel Baby has taken them to the next level by suggesting the use of sitz-bath-herb-infused padsicles.

They are so, so easy to make (takes less than 10 minutes) and even though I didn’t use padsicles the first time around I’ve heard they are heavenly!


What you’ll need:



How to Make Herbal Padsicles


It’s a snap! Check out this how-to video and Earth Mama Angel Baby infographic below!

To smoother postpartum healing,

Love, Rochelle

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