It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you spend way too much time thinking about the perfect gifts to give!

As a crunchy mama you might find yourself stuck between a rock & a hard place. You want everyone to truly enjoy their gifts while also making sure you’re not polluting their home, body, or minds with modern day knick-knacks.

I remember the first year that a set of scented lotions was no longer a gift option. Can you imagine the toxic exposure I’d be giving my friends for Christmas? I can’t help but laugh at myself as I write that…but it’s true!


To save you time wondering if the smile on your nephews face is worth the off-gassing from the plastic toy he really wants, I’m going to provide you a list of some of my favorite, awesomely lovable holiday gifts for all of the wonderful people in your life!


The ultimate “gift that keeps on giving” is HERE!

If 2016 is the year that you plan on growing your family, The Rose Method Fertility Preparation Detox is the perfect gift!

Give your babies the best chance at lifelong health! <3

The Rose Method is now running as a group program! The next detox kicks off on January 4th, & registration closes on December 18th.

{click the pics for details!}

Educational Gifts

Gifts for Pampering

Detox + Protective Gifts

For the Little Ones

Trinkets + Stuffers

To a healthy happy holiday season, sign
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