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[0:21] – Why does “our energy” matter?
[0:58] – Learning to be mindful of energy
[1:24] – A simple trick for protecting your personal energy
[1:57] – Managing relationship-based energy flow
[3:47] – Using gemstones for protection and cleansing
[4:24] – A note on the importance of intention
[4:49] – Smudging away unneeded energy
[5:14] – Burning Palo Santo sticks
[5:31] – Using incents for cleansing and protection
[6:22] – How sea salt absorbs foreign energy

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[0:00] Hello and welcome to Mama the Making, I’m Rochelle Serna and today I want to talk about energy. So I’m going to be sharing different ways, physical and mental, spiritual ways to protect our energy and cleanse our energy.

[0:21] So why is it so important to cleanse energy and be mindful of energy? Well we are energetic beings! This has been shown time and time again through different studies and research, and it’s also pretty…much common sense, it’s kind of an innate thing.

We know that when we walk into a room we can feel and energy sometimes. If you’ve ever walked into tension or been in a beautiful place with a lovely, um, view and you just felt overwhelmed with happiness, there’s a certain energy, a certain vibration that hits you and changes your energy!

Mental energetic tools

[0:58] First I want to talk about some mental ways, some things that you can do every single day to help with this. The first, easiest, and my favorite is just to be mindful about it. So take the time {closes eyes} to think about what’s going on in your system, ask yourself if the energy you’re feeling is your own {opens eyes}, what might you have picked up on from other people, what could you be carrying with you that doesn’t need to be there anymore. So just being mindful about it.

[1:24] Then when it goes on to moving through the day you want to protect yourself, so make a statement that you’re going to have a sort of energy shield. You’re going to protect yourself in a bubble of white light, or gold light, or whatever color light gives you all the feelings—the good feelings, you want to protect yourself with that, and you can imagine a little bubble and it’s just going to keep your positive energy in and keep any—like a little gatekeeper—keep any negative energy out. So you’re making that statement, you’re putting that intention out there.

[1:57] The next tool that I’m going to talk about is more of a visualization tool. So the Hawaiians believe that we are all connected to every single person that we communicate with every day—on a different level than just the united connectedness that we all have—but this is like a cord of connection that goes to everyone that we passed everyone that we interact with on a daily basis.

And they call these Aka connections or Aka cords. And while they can be a positive influence on our life, we really want to keep our energy our own, and everyone else’s energy their own for the sake of wellness.

And so at the end of every day or whenever you’re feeling like you’re caught up in a certain relationship you want to cut those cords. And it’s really simple to do that. You’re just going to {thinking}…you can either do it visually with your hand {passing arm over body}, actually imagining yourself cutting all the connections in your entire system, or, what I like to do sometimes, is close my eyes {closes eyes} imagine all the cords and see who they are all connected to, and then on the count of three I like to just release all those cords from my body {opens eyes} and send them back to each person that they originally were connected to with lots of love and light, and happiness, and hopes that they have whatever that they need, whatever they would want from this relationship.

And then of course heal my own little open wounds, for lack of better term, where all the connections were, with love and light and healing and giving myself that space again.

So those are some of the tools that you can use visually and mentally.

Physical energetic tools

[3:47] The there are some physical tools that I like to use for energy protection and cleansing, and if you’ve watched my videos in the past then you might know that I like gemstones! I really do. And they’re just such magnificent pieces of energy provided by the earth.

And there are lots of really good protection and positive energy stones but two of the easiest to find and some of my favorites are smoky quartz {shows smoky quartz} and amethyst {shows amethyst}.

And these, like I said, are very easy to find in meta-physical shops or online. There’s one shop that I really trusts for gemstones online and I can link to that in the blog, but these are just good ones to have in your space in your energy, good to meditate with if you specifically would like to cleanse.

[4:24] Some other things that you can do, there’s different mediums that you can be burning. So there’s sage. I might do a video on sage, I’m not sure. You can google if you want to know more right now, but basically you want to light the sage with intention—everything needs to be done with intention. We know that when we put things out to the universe, the universe listens, so don’t ignore that fact, just go with it.

Put things out to the universe when you want them done.

[4:49] And so when you’re lighting sage with the intention of cleansing, make sure you make that noted, light it, and you wisp it around your house, in all of the corners of your home, get in every nook and cranny with the intention to clear any negative energy making space for positive energy and your own energy.

And then when I have a rough day sometimes internally I’m feeling some turmoil, like to sage myself and just kinda get myself reset.

[5:14] On the burning end, woods are really good for cleansing. And this is Palo Santo Sticks, you can find them a lots of different places, um and you can burn the palo santo and it’s the same, same idea as the stage. You’re going to uh, wisp it around the home.

[5:31] And if you prefer something that you can just kind of set, you can also use incense. And still remembering what I said about the wood, woods are good. So cedarwood, sandalwood, both very good for clean, uh, cleansing when it comes to the incense, and so is frankincense. Those three are really good for cleansing energy and kinda purifying Auras and things like that. Lavender is also a good one for purifying the Aura.

You want to make sure, when it comes to incense, that you’re getting one that’s very pure, made with only natural fragrances cause a lot of them are dipped into artificial fragrance and that’s just—it’s gonna muck up things more than it’s going to help clear them out.

So that’s really important that you look into the company, and I will have some of my favorites also linked to in the blog to make that easier for you

[6:22] And my last physical tool is sea salt! Sea salt is really easy, this is the one that I use here. This is a Hawaiian sea salt. And what you do with the sea salt, you just have it in a bowl, let’s say you are going to be communicating with someone over a phone call or over Skype or something, you can put the bowl of sea salt right there in front of you just to kind of absorbing the energy. That’s really what it’s good at is absorbing.

I like to put it on my window sills and around my front door and entryways to kind of tell energy to just stay where it is when it comes to the outside world.

And if there’s anything negative and you kinda wanna…stifle it, I like to put salt. So if I hear like an argument outside or something, I’ll put salt in the area where I’m hearing the argument so that I can keep that energy to whoever is sending it rather than letting it come into my home.

And the reason why I like Hawaiian seal salt is one of my mentors recommended it to me because Hawaii is such a live, lush, growing place, a very spiritual place, and so the salt coming from there is just, it’s very alive. There’s so much to it, so much energy within itself.

One last note

[7:39] Those are my tips for cleansing and keeping your energy your own. It is really important that we be mindful not only of the energy that we’re taking in, but the energy that we’re giving out. Because just like we want our own spiritual and energetic space to be clear, we also want that for everybody else.

So, like I said, if you just want to start with one thing it’s just mindfulness.

Ok I will talk soon. Have a wonderful week, bye!

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To building an energetic toolbox,

Love, Rochelle

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