As a self-declared “crunchy mama”, I’m very familiar with “the holy coconut”. ;] We keep a good store of coconut oil around for everything from mouth care to sun protection.

But oil isn’t the only good thing that coconuts have to offer. In fact, my favorite part of the coconut may very well be the water.

Coconut water is high in electrolytes, offering a natural blend of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. It’s inherently sweet and quite refreshing!

This powerful combo has made coconut water a staple in our household. Below are some of the ways that we have come to use and love coconut water.

Coconut Water for the Win


During Pregnancy

When I was pregnant I suffered from severe morning sickness. I had a hard time keeping anything down, including water, for the first half of my pregnancy. This resulted in some pretty nasty dehydration and coconut water was nothing short of a savior. My body seemed to love the sweet notes and on most days it was the only hydration I was getting!

During Labor

Talk about a workout! Coconut water has been touted as a natural sports drink of sorts, and many athletes have used coconut water as a way to replenish. I may not be running any marathons these days, but sipping on coconuts through my labor helped give me the energy and extra oomph I needed to stay present during labor.

When Someones Sick

We’ve all been there…feeling under the weather and uninterested in eating. Even worse, watching our little ones, miserable on the couch and struggling to get them to drink even the smallest bit of water! Coconut water is like natures Pedialyte. Not only is it easier to get my son to drink (because it tastes so good!), but I know he’s getting a more powerful punch with every sip of coconut water v.s. regular water.

Instead of Juice or Soda

I love being able to offer something sweet and delicious to my kids without having to worry about food coloring, added sugar, and mystery ingredients. And who are we kidding…I also love it for myself! It’s a nice little treat when we’re craving something other than water!


Our Favorite Brand: Taste Nirvana


There are so many wonderful options when it comes to coconut water. My first choice would have to be direct from the source, cracking open a fresh young coconut! But sometimes, due to season or simplicity, I like to get it from a bottle. We’ve tried plenty of delicious and high-quality brands, but our absolute favorite is Taste Nirvana.

Taste Nirvana coconut water has unique flavor notes that I haven’t found anywhere else! Because the company uses Ham Nom coconuts, they offer a sweet soft and powdery thirst-quenching combo. I also love that I can get it in a glass bottle; we try to use as little plastic as possible and this is a huge win for us!

I think my favorite thing about Taste Nirvana is that it’s a family-owned business. The father-son founders of the company made the decision to move to the heart of coconut country, the Nakorn Pathom region of Thailand, to start and run their business in 2003. They wanted to be able to manage quality and conditions in the most responsible and hands-on way possible. Gotta love that!

Coconut water really has been a great addition to our household in every way.


[Full disclosure, I was sent free samples of Taste Nirvana coconut water. However, I was not paid or sponsored in any way to write this post or a positive review. I have also been supplied free product from other coconut water companies.]

Love, Rochelle

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