Client Love Notes

This is a Life-Changing Program...

The Rose Method is an invaluable program that really incorporates mind, body & soul! I've learned so much from Rochelle and the research she provides on how to prepare our bodies for our future babies. I really enjoyed her constant support throughout the 16 weeks-- she truly has the greatest intentions & wants the best for all us "mamas in the makin"! This is a life-changing program that has opened my eyes to so many helpful articles, tips, and information on health & fertility. Thank you Rochelle!

Irene J.

Torrance, CA

I Absolutely Love The Rose Method Program!

I absolutely love The Rose Method program! Personally, knowing what I should be putting into my body (and avoiding!) and surrounding myself with felt like a daunting task - TRM provided me with all of that information and more!

I am so happy that this program is broken down into weekly modules because it allows for me to not feel overwhelmed with these changes. I believe that this program is so beneficial for women whether they are preparing to conceive, are currently pregnant, or have children - these tools are great for any point in our lives, as well as our families! I like that I have access to the back portal with all of this information at hand and I am excited to see that more information is always being added!

One of the biggest things for me is feeling like I have someone who is rooting for me to succeed and wants the best for me - and that's Rochelle! She answers my many questions and she is filled with such love and compassion that it's infectious! Cheers to babies and health!

Lindsay P.

Los Angeles, CA

I Feel Blessed to Have Been a Part of The Rose Method.

Preparing for pregnancy began a bit overwhelming for me. But, once I had Rochelle on my side, with her loving support all my worries lifted from my shoulders. The Rose Method gave me a clear guidance of how to prepare with all its great resources. It is such a great feeling to have such well-researched information right at your fingertips. And an even better feeling was my new sense of confidence in myself. I feel blessed to have been a part of The Rose Method. Thank you Rochelle!

Amber H.

Fontana, CA

The Rose Method Makes it Easy

The Rose Method fertility boosting cleanse is such an amazing resource for soon-to-be parents looking to give their future babies the healthiest start to life.

It’s not always easy to make the best choices when you are bombarded with contradictory information on the internet. The Rose Method makes it easy because all the research has been done for you! Rochelle’s qualifications and extensive research allows you to confidentially educate yourself on how to cleanse and live a healthy lifestyle before you even “try”, and you get to develop healthy habits for the rest of your lives… Without all the stress (remember stress reduces fertility!).

Rochelle’s passion and enthusiasm for healthy parents and babies shines through and she is with you every step of the way to answer any questions. I would recommend The Rose Method to anyone who is about to embark on the most exciting adventure with their partners!

Rachel T.

Austin, TX

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