HA. Just kidding…kinda!

People often ask what my face cleansing routine looks like, and honestly it’s a bit boring. That being said, it’s squeaky clean and keeps my face looking and feeling fabulous!


Morning Routine


In the morning I quite literally just use soap. I love, love, love Dr. Bronners baby mild soap, but it can be strong and a bit drying. I use the bar soap for my face (and body) since it’s pre “diluted” and less drying.

To replace moisture, set a base for my makeup, & care for my pores, I finish off my mini-routine with a splash of Thayers rose witch hazel toner.


Evening Routine


In the evening I get a tiiiiiny bit more fancy–especially since part of the goal is makeup removal.

I start the same, gently cleansing with my favie Dr. Bronners soap. I then use a wet Norwex body cloth to scrub in little circles over my face, being sure to remove makeup from tricky spots like my hairline & under my eyes.

I’m a bit of a clean-freak and these Norwex body cloths have me totally geeking out! It’s extremely satisfying to see the “makeup leftovers” and eye makeup swipe right off with a gentle wipe. heart eyes. Not to mention, the tiny microfibers are just abrasive enough to gently exfoliate, removing flaky and old skin.

The really great thing about the Norwex cloths is that they are made up of a super fine fiber which has been proven to pick up 99% of bacteria. So this simple little cloth works as my makeup remover & bacteria-eliminating cleanser.

A few nights a week I finish up with a quick rub down with my bamboo-infused konjac sponge.

Oh my heavens, these are lovely.

The sponges are soft with a rubbery bounce and almost feel sudsy without any soap! Though I do most of my “exfoliating” with the Norwex cloth, these sponges offer a healing quality on top of the suuuuper gentle exfoliation. The infused bamboo offers another level of cleansing and detoxification. I notice that blemishes heal more quickly when I use them!

I always top off the routine with my beloved Thayers toner.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

A few times a month I also do a detoxification mask using Redmond bentonite clay and purified water, sometimes adding apple cider vinegar.

to cleaner cleansing,

Love, Rochelle

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