Chef Gail

A little intro:

Gail has brought more happiness to my life than I could ever express in words. Did I mention that she also cooks delicious food? I am ecstatic to welcome her to our mama tribe & share her amazing meals with you all!



A letter from Chef Gail:

Hello everyone!

My name is Gail Cigliano and I was born with a love of food.

My family is Italian, which means lots of cooking and big family gatherings.

These traditions followed me to high school, where I took two culinary classes and fell in love with the idea of making people happy with a simple homemade meal.

I knew I wanted to make a career of it, so I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena where I earned my associates degree in Culinary Arts. Culinary school was an absolute inspiration and reassurance that I had found my passion in food!

My first post-grad job was with New York Food Co (a large event and corporate catering company), where I was able to explore the many facets of the culinary world. I did everything from working the food prep line to being assistant chef at weddings. I eventually worked my way into the pastry department where I spent a year learning the ins and outs of pastry. I loved every second of it, and that’s when I started my own mini-dessert company from home.

I’ve since worked in restaurants…where I learned that restaurant life just wasn’t my niche. This discovery led to a job at my local Williams Sonoma Store as Culinary Expert teaching technique cooking classes.

I LOVED working with people that way. I made friends while trying out different tricks in the kitchen, and had way to much fun showing off my skills!

Then along comes my First baby! She’s had her share of food allergies, and we’ve spent lots of time eliminating, reintroducing, testing, and figure out which foods are causing the problem. This meant learning how to cook and bake healthier food that both met her needs and satisfied my picky husbands palate. I now really enjoy making our favorite meals into the simplest, healthiest version I can.

I’ve decided to stay home with my sweet girl for now, still enjoying cooking for everyone (Rochelle included), selling my mini-desserts, and explore the world of deliciously healthy food.



  • Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu

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