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[0:22] – What does it mean to chase happiness?
[1:11] – The outcome of endlessly searching for happiness
[1:39] – The effect chasing happiness has on your wellness
[2:42] – My personal example and what I did about it!
[3:54] – My number one tip for CATCHING happiness
[4:05] – Let’s get happy, together!

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Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making, I’m Rochelle Serna and today I want to talk about happiness!

[0:12] So happiness is quite a loaded topic right? We can go a lot of different directions with this, but today I want to talk about the concept of chasing happiness.

[0:22] So what I mean is that often times…(pause) you know, we all have goals, it’s amazing. Everyone should have, you know, something that they’re striving for, but often times what we do is we attach the “I’ll be happy when” or “I’ll be happy if” to that goal.

So for example something that we struggled with for a long time was the “I’ll be happy when we have a home, when we have a backyard for Vincenzo”.

A lot of people struggle with the “I’ll be happy when I get pregnant, I’ll be happy once I have a baby” or “I’ll be happy when I hit such and such success goal, or make X amount of dollars a year, or a month” and what happens a lot of times is that we hit that goal, but the happiness doesn’t come along with it. And so we just transfer that “I’ll be happy if” to the next goal.

[1:11] And so what this does, not only does it, kind of, put those successes to the wayside because we’ve…we’ve hit this goal but instead of being excited, and happy, and grateful for it, we’re like “I’m still not happy, what’s the next thing? What’s going to make me happy?!” So we kind of don’t recognize the things that we have.

So we’re not being grateful and excited for them—we’re not getting the joy out of them that we should, and then, obviously, we’re not happy! We’re not, we’re never—we’re constantly chasing something.

[1:39] So what this does is it actually puts our bodies into a lower vibration. It impacts our wellness because when—(pause) you can actually measure—there’s a doctor who measured, a psychologist, who measured the different ways that emotions affected your body.

He measured the vibration that they put you in. So high vibration; really happy, that excited, grateful, loving, just all those really good happy emotions were high vibration, and lower vibration were things like shame, and guilt, and strong desire, and hate, and anger.

And so what he discovered is that that strong desire—that almost like a need for something—puts you in a low vibration, and low vibration emotions impact your health in a negative way. They cause you to hold on to things that you don’t necessarily want in your body and they just put you in this negative…I don’t like to use that word so I’ll say low vibration space.

[2:42] You know, we all have things like that, and it’s a constant thing that you have to…you know I’m constantly being aware of it. So sometimes I’m like, “man, I just really wish we had a backyard for Vincenzo, he’d be…it would make us so happy”

Well, we have a great apartment. I love where we live. We live, you know, in a place that’s close to family and close to activities and…

{Vincenzo kisses my back} thank you!

And, so, what I’m trying to do when I noticed that is to be grateful for what we do have because we have, {Vincenzo touches my mic} we have a great, you know, living space rather than what we don’t have.

{Vincenzo says “what we don’t have” and I mimic him} “what we don’t have.” I’m gonna take a small break!

{cut to return} I don’t remember exactly where left off, but what I try to do then is be grateful, and still have that goal, but instead of needing it, like needing it to survive and desiring it so strongly, I put it out there that, “hey, I want this for my life and my heart is open to welcoming this with love.”

So now I’m in this vibration of love and gratitude rather than a vibration of desire and then sometimes anger, because I think that a lot of times we’re angry when we don’t have something.

[3:54] It takes time though. And the number one step to this, the number one tip that I have being aware. So being aware that you’re in this mindset

[4:05] You know, this is such an important topic to me and such a huge game changer in my life that I’ve actually incorporated it, now, into my consultations. I’ve opened up—I really looked at my offerings and I’ve opened up one-on-one consultations where we don’t just work on nutrition and fertility, but we also work on tapping into that happiness now rather than, you know, waiting for it to appear somewhere.

[4:29] Anyhow, I just wanted to give my little two cents on that, things that I’ve learned, some things that have impacted my life in a positive way, hopefully they can for you.

Like I said just number one is awareness and shifting that need aka have to have to a welcoming with love and gratitude.

And I would love to hear anything that you do that helps you shift into happiness and helps you stop chasing that happiness, so you can leave that below in the comments and I will be talking to you soon. Bye!

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To catching happiness,

Love, Rochelle


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