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[0:00] – An introduction to cervical position
[0:42] – Disclaimer: these are just the basics!
[1:06] – What your cervix can tell you about fertility
[1:34] – Cervix qualities at the beginning of your cycle
[2:06] – Changes that mean the fertile window is coming
[2:25] – Fertile cervix qualities
[2:48] – What you’ll notice once the fertile window closes
[3:09] – Review: the four qualities of a fertile cervix
[3:44] – How to check your cervical position

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[0:00] Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making, I’m Rochelle Serna and today is part number three {holding up three fingers} of our charting miniseries and it’s all about checking your cervical position.

So the first video we talked about temperatures, in the next video we talked about cervical fluid, and those two are the main components of fertility awareness method. If you have those locked down, if you understand how to properly chart, um, your temperatures and your cervical fluid then you will be able to use the method reliably.

And the cervix position, understanding that is kind of like a bonus. It’s just an extra—it’s an optional one.

[0:42] Just a quick disclaimer I wanna put in there: with all three of these charting videos it’s really important that you dig further into all of this information. It’s really important that if you’re going to use this method for detecting fertility you really want to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and you’re doing it correctly, because it can give you a vast wealth of information, but only if you’re doing it the right way.

[1:06] So moving on to cervical position! So this is, you know, your cervix—which is the opening of your uterus—changes in texture, it changes in location depending on where you are in your cycle and how fertile you are.

[1:22] MOMMY {Vincenzo calls from off screen}

Vincenzo: “you wanna do it?”
Me: “You wanna blow bubbles?’
Vincenzo: “right, mommy”
Me: “Can you say BUBBLE BREAK?”
Vincenzo: “Bubble break!”
Me: “yeaahhh”
Vincenzo: “yeahhhh”

[1:34] Ok, back to our cervix position! {laughing}

So, the basics of this are that when you are in your very, you know, right after menstruation the beginning of your cycle, before you’ve really hit that extremely fertile window, your cervix is going to be a little bit lower, so you’re going to be able to find it easier. it’s going to be more firm—they say about the firmness of the tip of your nose, and it’s going to be closed. So the opening itself is going to be smaller.

[2:06] As you move into a more fertile time in your cycle you might notice that it begins to soften, it begins to raise a little bit. The opening might be what you consider medium rather than you know closed…medium openness, and you’ll just noticed some changes.

[2:24] When you enter into your very fertile time of your cycle it’s going to get much more soft, it’s going to get more wet, moist, it’s going to become more open and it raises up because of the estrogen in your system. It causes your cervix to raise and so it might be a little more difficult to find actually.

[2:48] And then as you exit that, you know, fertile time of your cycle then you’re going to notice the same patterns that you saw at the beginning. It’s going to drop a little bit, going to become more firm, is going to become more closed and, um, less..less wet more dry.

[3:09] So the four things that you’re looking for to detect your fertile time, your fertile window, is SHOW. It’s how soft it is it, so SOFT its HIGH it’s OPEN and it’s WET, so S-H-O-W, SHOW.

And so it’s about the softness of your lips, so it’s much more soft. It’s going to be a larger opening, it’s going to be a higher up, like I said, and it’s going to be much more moist. So those are really the fourth thing that you’re looking for.

[3:44] When it comes to checking where your cervix is, it’s pretty much exactly what you’re thinking. You’re going to be inserting your fingers and searching for where your cervix is.

It’s definitely the easiest if you put your your foot up onto something, so maybe the side of the bathtub or the top of the toilet, and you want to do it around the same time every day in the same position.

HI, HI MOMMY {Vincenzo calls from off screen}
Me: “Hi baby.”

um, because that’s going to make it more reliable. If you’re changing the position in which you’re checking you could be changing exactly where, you know, you’re finding it every time and it could be a little bit confusing.

[4:22] So those are my basic tips, I hope that was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be talking to you soon. Bye!


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To getting a feel for fertility,

Love, Rochelle

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