I met Jeanette, founder of LANACare and Ceiba, a little over a year ago when she sent me a beautiful care package with the most luxurious wool mama and baby products. After I came to know and love LANACare, Jeanette reached out again to let me know about Ceiba.

Ceiba is an organic Kapok bedding company every bit as luxurious as LANACare (and that’s saying a lot!).


First off, what is Kapok?


Kapok is a natural fiber found in the fruit seed pods of the Kapok tree. It’s soft, light, and has a bitter property which makes it an unpleasant living space for mites (aka allergen free!).

Ceiba is dedicated to sustainability, harvesting Kapok fibers from tree’s that were once threatened by deforestation–also giving jobs to subtropical areas facing poverty. No chemicals or artificial irrigation are required, and the tree is left untouched after the fiber-containing pods are harvested.

The Kapok comforters are made up of organic cotton covers filled with organic Kapok fibers.


Our Experience.


Our little family was sent:

The bedding bundle arrived right when I found out I was expecting a bundle of my own (I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU BABY GIRL!!), and I literally checked out of life around the same time.

I was so sick for so long that my brain could focus on nothing other than basic survival of myself and my toddler. That being said, the lovely Kapok bedding sat in it’s nicely packed box for far too long!! Luckily, my husband was in desperate need of a new pillow and began using, and LOVING, the Kapok pillow right away.

A few notes on the pillow:

My husband loves that it’s so light and airy. He’s a “hot” sleeper, and doesn’t enjoy bulky or overly warm bedding. The pillow adjusts to his body heat perfectly, without getting too hot or cold.

Something we both love is how flat it is. Yup, you read that correctly! We love that it’s flat! Kapok is a very, very light fiber, which allows it to add warmth and comfort without bulk. When it comes to sleep, movement specialist and author Katy Bowman compared pillows to an orthotic in a shoe, permanently changing our natural structure. In her own words:

Pillow-less sleeping requires relaxed neck and shoulder muscles. Sleeping without a pillow requires less hyperkyphosis (the excessive curvature of the upper back).

The flatness of the pillow allows him the modern comfort of a pillow that he’s used to, without putting the extra and unnecessary strain of a bulky pillow on his spine and structure.

Back to the bedding!

My hyperemesis began easing up just as the weather started cooling off, perfect time to try out our duvets!

Upon pulling out the grown up duvet I thought it wouldn’t work for us, due to it’s size. The grown up duvet measures at 54″x80″, and our bed, a queen size, measures at 60″x80″, leaving us covered in the middle, but a bit short on the sides, where we tend to spend most of our sleeping time (any other bed-sharing parents pushed to the sides?).

I expressed my concern to Jeanette, who told me that most people use two grown up duvets to cover larger beds (like kings)  and that they were thinking about adding a larger size, something that the American market might be more used to. (P.S. They’ve since added and now offer a king size duvet!!)

It took me a bit to figure out (I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain) but I decided that I could just turn the duvet the opposite way (80″ wide and 54″ long) and place it at the lower part of our bed, able to cover most of our bodies and our feet. It’s obviously not a perfect fit, but it works as intended this way!

Because we already have a cozy cotton comforter we love, we are using the duvet as a warming blanket of sorts, placing it between our sheets & a light comforter.

What we loved:

  • It’s super light and airy, adding almost no weight to the covers
  • It utilizes our own body heat to quickly get and stay warm
  • It doesn’t have the scent that natural wool comforters sometimes have (which doesn’t bother us, but it does bother some!)
  • It’s made with ZERO chemicals, pesticides, or any other junk
  • The cover is 100% organic cotton–only clean materials in contact with our skin

We’ve recently been experience a bit colder weather here in Southern California, and our Kapok bedding has been perfect! It keeps us pretty darn warm and we likely won’t need it year round. I can only imagine how well their standard duvet works!


Final Words


Everything we’ve tried from LANACare and Ceiba has been out-of-this-world on every level. The materials are the highest quality organic varieties available, each product has worked as promised and often better than expected, and the people behind the company and filled with passion and love!

Highly recommended!!

To sweeter dreams,

Love, Rochelle

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