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[0:38] – Water filters to avoid
[1:35] – Reverse osmosis facts
[2:58] – My favorite all around water filter

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[0:00] Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making, I’m Rochelle Serna and today I wanted to talk to you about water!

So water is super important for anyone’s healthy lifestyle because we drink it all day, we’re showering in it and we’re cooking with it; and a lot of our body is made up of water. It’s also something that I really really try to tell parents about when they’re, you know, preparing {hand motions towards a new direction} to have that baby, and it’s a really huge component of fertility because a lot of the water sources today are contaminated with hormone disruptors and all sorts of things can that can throw our bodies out of whack.

Finding a Water Filter

[0:38] So there’s a couple different types of filters, different levels of filtration. A lot of people think about Brita filters or Pur filters, something that you attach to your faucet or you put into your fridge, a container that you put your fridge, and those really are the bare, bare minimum. I don’t consider that even, you know, drinking water. I suppose that I could say it’s better than nothing, but it’s almost nothing.

So you really want to stay away from those when it comes to your filtration systems. They just, they aren’t able to get out some of the really deep-rooted chemicals and things. Maybe some of the naturally occurring pollutants, but not when it comes down to the chemicals that can really cause a lot of those problems, like the hormone disrupters, the fluoride and things are added in to water to help us clean it.

It’s kinda like this vicious cycle {making a circle with finger}. You definitely want to avoid those if you can.

[1:35] Then I know a lot of people will go maybe to a water store and fill up on waters, and a common water filter that you’ll see, or that you can have installed, is reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is what we used for many years. But the one problem with it is that it filters everything out—although I have seen some information that suggests it might not filter out all of the hormone disrupting chemicals—but it does filter out some important things, is what I was trying to get at there, and this includes the minerals that we need.

So the minerals that are found in naturally occurring spring waters and artesian waters are filtered out with reverse osmosis machines.

So, if you are using reverse osmosis, you want to make sure that you get some minerals and you put minerals back into the water. So, you know, how many minerals depend on you, or how many drops.

What I suggest to people is to put as many drops until you taste it. So you want to put a couple drops, see if
you taste it, put a couple drops, see if you taste it. And then, once you do taste it, you just want to put one drop less*. So you don’t want to taste it, but you just want to get to the brink there.

*One drop less in FUTURE glass ;] (retest this every month or so)

If it takes you half a bottle, you have a problem! This is just a general rule of thumb. So just drops until you taste it.

And everyone in the family might be different. My husband usually tastes it before I do, which might just suggest that I need some more than he does. So keep that in mind, everybody’s gonna be different. We add it to our—we added it to our individual glasses.

My Favorite Filter

[2:58] So my favorite filter, to keep this short and sweet, is the Berkey filter. So this filter is amazing because it really does take all of the bad things out. There’s a huge long list, and I will attach that list to the blog portion of this video if you go on my website, but it’s a huge, huge long list {attached below!}. I couldn’t even try to say it all right now but they take out everything from, you know, naturally occurring pollutants and illnesses—er I mean disease, you know, causing particles to hard chemicals and hormone disrupting, and runoff from, you know, pharmaceuticals and all sorts of things that you find in water that you don’t want your body.

But the cool thing is that it actually leave the minerals in.

It’s like MAGIC! {laughs}

So it’s definitely my favorite filter. And they also have shower filters that are great. Berkey shower filters are my favorite! I’ve used all sorts of shower filters and they, by far, I noticed the most on my skin. You know, less harshness, I notice it’s less dry and things, so Berkeys my favorite.

In the end

[4:02] Make sure that you are drinking clean water, showering in clean water, it’s really, really, REALLY important!

Ok, talk soon. Bye {waving}

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To flooding our bodies with wellness,

Love, Rochelle

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