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[0:21] – Disclaimer: I’m still learning!
[0:42] – The root chakra
[1:08] – The sacral chakra & tips for supporting chakras
– The solar plexus chakra
– The relationship of the bottom three chakras
[2:14] – The heart chakra
[2:44] – The throat chakra
[2:54] – The third eye chakra
[3:11] – The crown chakra
[3:31] – the purposeful order of the chakras
– Setting up for our chakra mantra
– Outlining the mantra (instructions!)
– Practicing the mantra (try it!)

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[0:00] Hello and welcome to Mama in the Making! I’m Rochelle Serna and today I wanted to talk about chakras and then share a little mantra that I used to help align them throughout the day.

So I guess I should start by talking about what chakras are and why they’re so important.

What are the chakras?

[0:21] Now I will say that I’m not a specialist in this area, but from what I’ve learned & what I understand, there are seven different energy centers that go throughout our body starting at the base of our torso up into our crown. And they all have a slightly different purpose and a color, but the main thing that’s important to remember is that we want to keep them open, and moving and aligned.

[0:42] So let’s talk a little bit about each of the chakras!

The first chakra at the very, very basis of your torso; right before your legs, and that’s called the root chakra. This chakra is red, and it’s all about grounding you into the earth and your basic needs. So your needs for survival; the need to eat, and the need to feel stable, and the need to have a roof over your head, and that’s really all about the basic, basic survival instincts.

[1:08] The next chakra is between your belly button and that root, and that is called your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is orange, and it’s all about your sexuality, and your feelings, and your emotions.

This is a really good one to focus on for fertility because that’s where our reproductive organs are and also where your sexual energy is.

In order to focus on any of the chakras you want to surround yourself with that color. So, you know, eating orange foods for example, wearing orange clothes, or keeping orange things around the home will help you focus on a sacral chakra.

[1:43] The next chakra is your solar plexus. This is below your rib cage and above your belly button, and this is yellow, and it’s all about your will, and your beliefs, and your strong tie to yourself, and the things that you are–{thinking}–really the best way to describe it is just your will.

[2:02] And, um, the bottom three there, those are really all about you. Those are about rooting yourself, and what you believe, and all of your emotions and feelings.

[2:14] And then you move up to your heart chakra {places hands at center of the breastbone}, which is right here in the center of your breastbone, and this one is all about love!

This is where you start going from you to connecting to others {moves hands from root chakra to heart chakra, & opens arms outwards}.

And this is green, it’s a bright green swirling {laughs} chakra of love!! It’s one of my favorites just because…well it’s love, so of course it’s one of my favorites!

But it’s really about unadulterated compassion, and understanding, and caring for, for everyone around you. And brings love back in as well.

[2:44] The next is your throat chakra {brings hand up to throat}, and it’s blue, and it’s all about speaking your truth, communicating with others, and connecting with others in a vocal way.

[2:54] The next one {moves hand up to touch between eyes} is your third eye chakra, and this one it’s all about seeing, and it is an indigo color.

And this one is really just about seeing, maybe, the unsuitable. So that intuition and that understanding of, just, what’s around us and what’s within us.

[3:11] And the last chakra is our crown chakra {taps the top of head with whole hand}, and this one, um, there’s a couple different colors; some people associate it with purple, some people with gold, and some people with white, but basically is connecting us to everything around everything above {lots of hand motions ;] }.

It’s the ability to just connect eternally to the universe and others.

[3:31] And so it really is a progression of the chakras. You start with the very, very basic needs to the eternal connection to everyone, and everything.

A mantra to help with alignment

[3:40] So, now that you know a little bit about them, I will talk about how I use a small practice to align them, and there’s so many different ways, but one of the people that I listened to and read a lot of books by–her name is Sonia Choquette–and she associated each one of these chakra with a different word.

So she said, you know, for example, the root is I am. So that is am, that’s what you are.

So she has an “I” for each of the chakras {moves hand up chakras}, so I’m going to go through that with you now, and then we’ll do a small mantra to bring awareness and alignment to them.

[4:14] So that root is I am. The sacral is I feel. The solar plexus is I will. The heart is I love {moves hand to center breastbone}. The throat {moves hand to throat} is I speak. The eye {moves hand to between eyes} is I see, and the crown {moves hand to top of head} is I know.

Practicing the mantra

[4:29] So you can get into a comfy little position, you close your eyes {closes eyes}, take a deep breath–clear away the day; think about happy, thankful, grateful thoughts…

And when I go through my chakras I like to think about the color in the placement of the chakra and then I just say:

I am. I feel. I will. I love. I speak. I see. I know

{takes a breath}

[5:09] And that’s it! Super simple & just helps me to calm my day down and think about the root of what is keeping me stable.

Bye! {waves}

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To being in balance,

Love, Rochelle

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