The Non Tox Shop:

The Non Tox Shop was created to help you live a clean, non-toxic lifestyle – with modern day convenience! Each item was hand-selected by self-proclaimed non-tox nut (and founder) Rochelle Serna.

The number one goal of The Non Tox Shop is to provide you with products that dramatically lower your family’s toxic load.

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Real materials and ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dedicated to safety and protection
  • They WORK!!

The shop and blog are a resource for information and programs that help you to translate clean to every part of your life.

Find great products and learn how to keep and protect a healthy environment with The Non Tox Shop!

How it works:

We are not wholesalers. That means that you do not directly buy from our shop. When a new product is found and tested, we place a link to it in the shop so that you have instant and easy access. Some products are linked through an affiliate program (meaning that The Non Tox Shop makes a small commission for each sale) and others are simply there because we want you to know about them!

You can see our full affiliate disclaimer here.


Get to know Rochelle:

Hey all,

Rochelle here. I just want to share a little bit lot about me. :]

My natural health journey has a differentbeginning than most; I wasn’t searching for a cure, weight loss trick, or lifestyle change. In fact, when I stumbled upon the information that would change my life, I was a perfectly happy college student enjoying eating frozen pizza & cheap tacos, wearing celebrity perfumes, & carrying my cell phone around in my back pocket.

After a lifetime & college career spent studying children & families, I became a nanny for a couple who were both chiropractors–one being a clinical nutritionist. They taught me how to raise their sweet baby girl (5 months when I began with her) holistically. They showed me how to keep her environment clean from harmful pollutants & electric toxins, they taught me the types of foods that would truly nourish her little brain & body, & enriched me with information about how to holistically support her immune function & health. I was stunned at how completely she was able to hit developmental milestones, & how strong her brain connections seemed to be. How could my years of studying & schooling not have taught me about this crucial link between lifestyle & development?!

In search of answers, I began attending seminars and classes about the link between children’s diseases & their lifestyle, natural fertility, & healthy pregnancies. I wanted to soak up everything that I could & eventually became a live-in nanny for the chiropractors. I helped raise their baby & they began to teach me how to live in optimal health.

From that moment forth I made a promise to my {then} future babies that I would make my body and environment as healthy as possible by learning all that I could about leading a holistic lifestyle. This included lot’s of product research as I prepared my home and body for baby. I mean lot’s. Like hours and hours…& hours.

Eight years later, I am able to watch my own children grow & develop with the building blocks that I have laid for them. I now recognize the same strong brain connections I once viewed in the little girl who changed my life. It’s incredible.

After years of holistic living, & just-for-fun health blogging I have found my passion in helping others skip the hours and hours of research while still reaping the huge benefits of living a truly clean lifestyle. The Non Tox Shop is a resource for all things clean: home, baby, body, and everything else!


  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Child & Family Development from San Diego State University
  • Certified Nutritional Therapist through The Health Sciences Academy
  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition
  • DONA trained Birth & Postpartum Doula

Other Education:

Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century with David J. Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM; Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.


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