Let’s talk cravings! This episode is sweet! :] we talk about ice cream a lot…get it?! Sweet! Oh my… Check it out!


This episode is all about tricky cravings! Rochelle and special guest host Tarah Chieffi share their tips and experiences for understanding cravings. Listen in to learn what cravings may mean, how to feed them in a healthy way, and what to do when you just give in.

The What & When:

0:35 – introducing Tarah Chieffi
2:57 – Question from Irene
3:38 – Tarahs craving tips
5:40 – Cravings as a sign of a nutrient need
7:29 – Listening to your cravings
7:58 – Keeping healthy food options around
8:40 – Don’t get too hungry!
9:40 – Pregnancy may complicate cravings
11:10 – A craving for change
12:00 – Don’t just ignore them!
13:25 – Cravings and conditioning
14:16 – Tarah’s Pregnancy deal
16:03 – “Giving in” and forgiving
17:00 – Cravings as rewards: break the habit
19:51 – MamaQ!

For more information about Tarah Chieffi, you can visit whatigather.com, or pick up a copy of her book, The Everything Paleo Pregnancy Book.

You can also read Rochelle’s article about pregnancy cravings!

Listen in:

Running cupping technique video (skip to 4:10)

Listen in:

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