This week we spoke about something that I'm all too familiar with: prenatal stress & depression. We offer up some great tips for anyone going through a bit of a baby belly road bump. Check it out!


In this episode we talk about managing mood swings during pregnancy. We cover dietary, physical, & emotional ways to cope with sadness and depression. Listen in for facts, tips, & real life experience to help you through.

The What & When:

0:44 – Sarah’s question
0:57 – Dietary tools for managing mood swings
2:54 – Guilt’s effect on our mood
3:53 – The art of accepting emotions
4:35 – Inflammation and our immune system
5:27 – Yoga and other exercises to boost mood
6:44 – Freeing our stress by connecting with others
10:08 – Tools for connecting with yourself & baby
11:04 – The effects of stress on baby
12:30 – Techniques for stress management
13:30 – The lessons that pregnancy and motherhood teach us
14:10 – Resource wrap up
16:54 – MamaQ!


Rosita Real Foods Cod Liver Oil
Mama and Baby Love Prenatal Meditation
Mama and Baby Love Postpartum Meditation
Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD
Blooma AM/PM Yoga DVD
Headspace Meditation App

Listen in:

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