This week we got to speak to the author of one of the most extensive preconception books that I've ever seen {HEART EYES}! Check it out!


In this episode of The Mama Station, we dive deep and talk with Roy Dittmann, author of Brighton Baby. Dr. Dittmann shares the importance of conscious conception. We also explore the energetic connection between a healthy baby and the emotions of both mama and papa.

The What & When:

00:23 Introduction to Roy Dittmann and Brighton Baby
01:30 Getting to know Dr. Dittmann’s areas of expertise
04:04 The spiritual landscape surrounding conception and making it sacred
06:40 Being authentic with ourselves helps us be authentic with others
08:39 Starting a family begins with accepting yourself, including dark secrets
11:05 When you can forgive yourself, you can forgive everyone else
11:55 Babies inherit our mental and emotional baggage
13:38 How to release emotional baggage
14:07 Where do you feel love in your body?
15:30 “The womb is the root of the tree”
18:45 Giving it all when conceiving a baby
20:08 How to get in touch with Roy Dittmann

Listen in:

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