This topic is dear to my heart. There is a ton of confusion around milk supply & the courage to breastfeed in general. We aim to get one step closer to making that go away. Check it out!


This show is all about breastmilk! One of many, we're sure. This particular chat is about the curious case of low milk supply. We discuss signs that indicate a real issue & how to boost it naturally. We also touch on negative self talk & societal pressure, which may lead to a self diagnosis of low supply.

The what & when

1:00 - Tina's question
1:27 - The common case of milk supply worry
2:58 - Signs that you DO have enough milk
6:15 - Could you actually have too much?
8:06 - The issue with infant growth charts
9:15 - Herbs & tips to help boost supply
12:48 - The fear that we're not enough
14:22 - Societal pressure not to breastfeed
17:45 - MamaQ!

Head over to Megan's Instagram to stay updated on brewing your own milk tea!

If you feel like you have a milk supply issue, you can try Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid Tea or Lactation Support Tea by Gaia Herbs

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Listen in:

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