When I was pregnant I was super fearful of GBS. It felt like it was completely out of my control. The truth is, there are things that we can do to prevent it. Check it out!


This episode is all about GBS, or group B Streptococcus. We talk about what you can do when you test positive, how to rebuild baby’s gut if you require antibiotics during labor, & how to prevent it all together.

The What & When:

0:53 – Question from Maddie
1:13 – What is GBS?
2:01 – General guidelines for dealing with GBS
3:18 – Balancing the PH of the birth canal
3:59 – Restoring baby’s microbiome after antibiotics during labor
6:27 – Tips for testing negative for GBS
9:04 – The top takeaways
11:40 – MamaQ!

To access tips for restoring baby’s microbiome, visit Megans Baby Wellness Library
You can purchase PrimalGut probiotic from Corganic.com, & L. Reuteri from BioGia

Listen in:

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