YAY!! Megan & I are SO EXCITED to launch the first episode of The Mama Station! Check it out!


In this episode we answer a question from Andie about boosting fertility after a miscarriage. We also cover tips for dealing with allergies during pregnancy & how to avoid passing them on to baby.

The what & when:

1:00 – What’s new: Library goodies & Baby’s First Foods
2:30 – Question from Andie
4:05 – How charting your cycles can help
4:50 – Herbs that can be used to balance hormones
6:06 – How to avoid passing allergies onto baby
8:55 – Benefits of eating Paleo on fertility
10:37 – At the end of the day…
11:38 – Tools for stress reduction
13:30 – MamaQ!

You can access Megan’s Library HERE, & purchase Rochelle’s Baby’s First Foods Program HERE!

We also speak about Vitex in this episode, which you can purchase here.

Listen in!

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