Baby’s First Foods Program

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The decisions that we make about food at the beginning of our babies lives
can help shape their health & relationship with food, forever.


According to the Centers of Disease Control:

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years, & as of 2012 more than one third of children were overweight or obese.

In 2007, 3 million children were reported to have a digestive issue or food allergy.

In 2006, about 5% of children were prescribed medication for emotional or behavioral difficulties.


 What if we had the opportunity to change that?




Food preferences begin in infancy.

Our genes, both positive & negative, can be turned on or off depending on our diet & lifestyle.

 Research shows that the first few years are the optimal window of opportunity for creating healthy eating behaviors for life.

Their health is in our hands!



  • when should I start solids? 

  • is rice cereal ok?

  • what does baby need?

  • what happens when an allergy occurs?


  • am I going to cause an allergy?

  • what can't baby have?

  • what's baby led weaning?

  • which food first?!



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watch & listen

 VIDEO: program presentation with audio narration




listen on the run

AUDIO: full audio recording pulled from the presentation


read & explore

SLIDES: presentation content in FULL PAGE format, with live link resources




see it in action

EXAMPLES: three weeks worth of daily examples for food introduction PLUS helpful notes for the first weeks




apply it

RECIPES: ten foundational recipes that can be used to create dozens of nutrition-filled baby meals




the what & when

FOOD CHART: a visual guide through the first six months of food introduction

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continued education

BONUS GUIDES: simple guides for juice alternatives, healthy snacks, & "experienced eater" menus





terms & conditions

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